WWGOA Blogger Awards Voting Now Open

Wow… First, a great big thank you to everyone who nominated The Bench Blog in the Woodworker’s Guild of America Blogger Awards.

I have been notified that I have made it through the initial round and that I’m a finalist in the “Best Hand Tool Work” category.   I must admit that I am a little stunned.  Evidently a few people like my drivel and poor attempts at humor.  Either that, or I’m like that lonely, unsuspecting  kid at school who everyone votes for student president as a gag.  I hope it is the former rather than the latter.  In any case, I am truly grateful for your support.

To make things even better, my good friend Gerhard Marx over at Je Ne Sais Quoi Woodworking, is also in the top four.  Awesome!!!  Now he can play Donald to my Hillary, or Hillary to my Donald…. Whatever.  Let the mud slinging begin…

Seriously though… In the spirit of the current political climate, I think I need to tell you about some of the skeletons in Gerhard’s closet… You won’t believe the scandals…  Campaign finance  violations… Strange dealings with interns (his shop is always full of women)… and once… he used an oil stone WITHOUT OIL.  I know right?!  You’re thinking how could you possibly vote for such a guy, but then you come here and read this nonsense and start thinking that Gerhard sounds like a much more sensible option.  What a dilemma!

On a realistic note, I’d love it if you took a minute to vote for The Bench Blog in this competition.  If you’d rather vote for Gerhard, that’s great too.  I would be really thrilled to hear that he has won.  Either way, PLEASE VOTE!  You can vote by clicking on this link, http://go.wwgoa.com/wwgoabloggerawardsvoting/ or by clicking on the badge icon below.

Vote For Me badge

Voting is now open.  You can select one blog from each of the four categories.  Voting closes at 11:59 CDT Tuesday, November 1st, 2016. Winners will be announced Friday, November 7.

Start canvassing your neighborhoods, make signs,  cover your car with Bench Blog stickers.  And remember, vote early and vote often!!!

All jokes aside, I really appreciate your support.


– Jonathan White

About Jonathan

I am a woodworker and hand tool restorer / collector. I buy too many tools and don't build enough - I need help!
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2 Responses to WWGOA Blogger Awards Voting Now Open

  1. jenesaisquoiwoodworking says:

    Jonathan mate

    You had me laughing inappropriately in my consultation room. The patient that saw me after I read your post was clearly very shaken to find that there were no one in the room with me. My explanation that “I read a funny blogpost” only seem to make things worse.

    Congratulation on being in the top four, it made me very happy to find the Bench Blog on the list. It is well deserved.

    I would like to thank you for nominating Je ne sais quoi Woodworking as I would most definitely not have been on the list if it was not for your nomination.

    I look forward to many more years of correspondence with you around woodworking projects, so please do not release those recordings regarding the Wamboland interns!! Pretty please with sugar on top, at least not before the end of voting!

    Cheers my friend.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hahaha. I’m glad it gave you a chuckle. But you know, In your line of work, it’s probably not good if your patients start thinking that you’re cracking up.

      I suppose in the spirit of unity, the tapes of the Wamboland interns shall remain unseen by the electorate…. For now.

      Best of luck mate!


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