Shooting Board

A Ramped Shooting Board in Walnut & Maple

The finished project.I bought a Veritas Shooting plane and the accompanying track.  I needed a shooting board on which to use it and this is what I came up with.

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I flattened one side.Part 0 – My aborted first attempt

I started to make this project, only to scrap it all and start over.



Glued and clamped overnight.Part 1 – Milling through Glue-up

Milling the wood, cutting the tricky angle, and gluing up the shooting board.



I drilled stopped holes for the bolts that will hold the fence assembly to the board.Part 2 – Making the Fence, Inlay, & Finishing

I fix the track alignment, make an adjustable fence, add some inlay, and apply the finish.



I hope that you enjoyed this small series.  Thanks for reading.