I have discovered that it can be quite hard finding things on my site. So, in an effort to curate things in a more sensible manner I have created this page to organize my posts by project.  I will try to add past projects to this page from time to time.


My Projects:


The Ambidextrous Grizz-ubo Workbench

My Schwarz – Roubo – Anarchist inspired workbench that took me 13 months to build.  Broken down into 65 posts.  Click the title and read on if you want all the gritty details.


The exterior is done, except for paint which will have to wait for summer.The Chicken Coop

My summer project of building a quick chicken coop sort of spiraled out of control and into a much bigger deal.  It turns out well though.


I'm very happy with how this turned out.A Ramped Shooting Board in Walnut & Maple 

A small series showing how I built my shooting board.


And this one is taking up permanent residence in our kitchen.End Grain Cutting Boards

Made from Maple, Walnut, and Sapele.