The Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop Project

The exterior is done, except for paint which will have to wait for summer.


In June of 2015 I started a “summer” project of building a chicken coop.  Things took much longer than expected and I ended up finishing the building in March of 2016.  I documented the build here in eight posts.  I find that on my website it can be a little difficult to find things, so I’m indexing the project here to make it easy to see all the posts in the series.

I’ll update the above photo once I give the coop a coat of paint this summer.

So, here are the posts.  Click on the title of each to read the post:


After many days of shoveling.Chicken Coop Project – Part 1

Clearing the land and running underground power supply.


I also added gravel around the outside of the coop to make it a little nicer to walk around in all weather.Chicken Coop Project – Part 2

Building forms and pouring a concrete footer.



The double top plate ties everything together and helps to straighten the walls.Chicken Coop Project – Part 3

Mud sill, joists, and flooring.  All the walls are framed.



The same overhang is on the other end.Chicken Coop Project – Part 4

Making all the roof trusses, installing them, sheathing, and shingling the roof.


All the siding on these two sides done.Chicken Coop Project – Part 5

Wall sheathing, insulation, electrical, windows, door, trim, siding, and interior paint.


Well... This is the cleanest that this is ever going to look.Chicken Coop Project – Part 6

Poop pit and nesting box door.  Poop pit tray, flooring, roosts, and all interior paint done.  The chicks move in.


The exterior is done, except for paint which will have to wait for summer.

Chicken Coop Project – Part 7

Mortise and tenon doors for the outdoor run.  Hardware cloth wrap.


The boxes slide out for easier cleaning and egg retrieval.Chicken Coop Project – Part 8

Nesting boxes and window screens.



I hope you enjoyed this series.


– Jonathan White