Eureka! I Have Found It

When I completed my workbench build last year I wrote a summary blog post in which I mentioned that I had lost my Stanley folding knife.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.  Knowing that it didn’t suddenly sprout wings, I figured that it would turn up eventually.

I just didn’t expect it would take 8 months.  However, while laying out some mortise and tenon joinery recently, I decided to put my shop apron on.  Guess what I found in the bottom of one of the pockets?

Stanley 10-049 folding knife.

Stanley 10-049 folding knife.

This is a handy little tool and does a nice job laying out joinery.  I especially like it for cross-grain knife lines in Doug Fir.  The hardwood/softwood/hardwood grain structure of Doug Fir can be a little tricky as the knife doesn’t mark, then digs in alternately.  I think I still like my lighter Veritas marking knife for with the grain lines.  Either way, I’m happy to have this little knife back in the toolkit.

So, like Archimedes jumping from the bath, I had a little shout of joy.  I did however skip the whole running through the town naked part of the myth.

More on the joinery in an upcoming post.


– Jonathan White

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I am a woodworker and hand tool restorer / collector. I buy too many tools and don't build enough - I need help!
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