Problems at The Bench Blog

I have been unable to post to my site for nearly three weeks.  I published a post and it appeared on my home page, but none of the email subscriptions were sent out and a link to the post never appeared on the site that so many of us use to read woodworking blogs.

I’ve spent countless hours over the past few weeks attempting to fix the problem and have re-published the post more times than I can count.  Nothing I did ever seemed to fix the problem and both my web server host staff and the folks at wordpress/jetpack seem to be baffled by the problem.

Last night, I published a test post that was only text and contained no images.  It worked!  I have given up attempting to republish my last post.  So… here is a link to it.  You can read  my last post here:

Waxing Philosophically on Vise Chops

I will attempt to publish another new post tomorrow as my blog is now way behind my actual progress on my workbench build.  The bench is nearly done, but you’d never know it from reading my blog.

More soon (cross fingers).


– Jonathan White


About Jonathan

I am a woodworker and hand tool restorer / collector. I buy too many tools and don't build enough - I need help!
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