A Quick Apology

I was doing a little clean up this morning on my blog website, and saw a button on my wordpress dashboard that said feedback. I never noticed it before. Well, apparently I have a string of questions that people have sent me going back to June. Don’t I look the jerk? If you sent me a question and It appears that I ignored you, I’m sorry.

I will do my best to belatedly respond to these now, and I had better start checking this more often. I would have thought that the site would send me an email when one of these was received, but I must have something configured wrong.

Do any of you wordpress gurus know how to fix the email notification issue? If so, please comment below.


About Jonathan

I am a woodworker and hand tool restorer / collector. I buy too many tools and don't build enough - I need help!
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  1. I’m still finding “what does this button do…” on my blog.

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